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Cleansyfy 2.0 Smart Pro

was £299 now £99

Tired of lugging your bulky noisy vacuum cleaner to clean floors it feels you only vacuumed yesterday?

There's an easier way… It's hands free, lead free, and quiet. That's right, simply turn the Cleansyfy 2.0 on and put your feet up while it does the rest.

The Cleansyfy 2.0 Smart Pro is a highly intelligent and effective robot vacuum that will save you huge amounts of time and bother.

Smart sweep

Strong bilateral brushes work to collect any dust, food, hair and crumbs into the suction area.

One touch

Simply touch the power button to activate the cleansyfy robot vacuum

slim build

Its 7cm slim build allows the cleansyfy to slide underneath sofas, chairs and compartments.

90 minues

Leave your cleansyfy clean up for 90 minutes. When done empty the dustbin and place on charge.


The 450ml dustbin is easy to empty and quick to install.

anti collision

Sensors asses obstacles and reroute to avoid them.


The cleansyfy creates a route for best coverage and cleaning.

30 day guarantee

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What is the size and weight of the cleansyfy 2.0?

300mm width

7cm thickness


Is the cleansyfy 2.0 pet friendly?

The cleansyfy 2.0 is 100% safe for dogs, cats and any other house animals. Using its sensors it will detect any movement and avoid obstacles. It is of no harm to any animals, kids or anyone that's near the vacuum.

What's included?


2x Brushes
1x Cloth
2x Velcro to attach cloth

How do I charge the device?

Charging is done through amazing new USB Technology that won multiple awards for its simple/easy use, which is included with the device.